To Dreams Coming True

What a few weeks it has been. My first LIVE record was released (Belinda Smith Live: Time Machine) and I played Mountain Stage, two huge milestones for me. Two crazy dreams came true in a matter of two days.

Mountain Stage with Larry Groce has been a part of West Virginia public broadcasting since 1983. You can hear it each week on NPR. Mountain Stage is “where musicians come to play.”

To be included in the roster of musicians who have ‘come to play’ was an honor this native West Virginian could hardly process.  At the show I was invited to play, my set was dead in the middle of an amazing line up including Whitehorse, the Ryan Montbleau BandNewfound Road and Martin Sexton.

Ryan Kennedy tore up the guitar part on, "Hallelujah." Amazing.

There’s something extraordinary about sharing the stage with so many deeply talented musicians. It makes you take it up a notch, really, because you feel beautifully obligated to do your absolute best.  I’ve played in a lot of cool places with a lot of cool people, but this was a new height.
I wish for you the opportunity to have such a night become a reality.  
To Your Adventure,
p.s.  Oh, the link to where you can buy my CD, Belinda Smith Live: Time Machine.  Right! Well, you can get it on iTunes or you can get it here.