Something Worth Fighting For?

My whole life changed when I started working with business coaches. For me, it was like finding an oasis in a desert. I suddenly had someone who could help me find answers to my questions.  I’ve studied with some of the best in the country at this point.  Funny, though, how the basic questions persist. 

Why am I here?  

What’s MY point?

Today, my coach asked me the following question:  

What is your ‘something worth fighting for?’


I mean, I’m a former tomboy from West Virginia. I’ll pull my hair back and take my earrings out if you insult my brother. I can talk about my family, but if you do, I’ll ‘whoop’ your hiney.  I know all about being scrappy. We used to gather in Heck’s parking lot to watch fights when I was in high school (yes, I understand how wrong this is now and most certainly do not condone it.)

What is worth fighting for?

But, in real life, as a mature and successful adult, what is my ‘something worth fighting for?’ The real thing. The one thing I’m here to do.

I’ll be talking more about my purpose over the coming weeks. It’s taken a lot of time and soul searching to accept, but you can ask my gang (Jeanne, Skye, Susana, Trista, Jo and Becky), I’ve landed on it and I’m crazy passionate about it.

It has taken a lifetime to wade through the gunk, but I’m finally seeing how my unique and exact set of circumstances have set me up to lead a conversation for change in our global community.  It is daunting and awesome at the same time.  It is humbling and empowering, and it is imperfectly perfect.

As I work to put the right words together (stay tuned–this one is big!), I’d like to ask you the same question my coach asked me:

What is YOUR ‘something worth fighting for?’

To Your Adventure,




7 thoughts on “Something Worth Fighting For?

  1. Great post Belinda! I’m so excited for you! You’re an inspiration already – giving me lots of courage already. Just wait till you share you’re something worth fighting for! And, you post a really good question. I’ll need to think it over.

  2. I’m so freaking excited for you (and the world who is about to be hit with a huge wave of AWESOME straight from YOU)!!! You’re such an inspiration as a person, artist, and coach. I’m totally following your blog forevermore.

  3. I love the way you start with what you absolutely DO know what’s fighting for, Brenda, cause that gets the feeling juices going right away! Yep, of course I’ll wanna smack someone who besmirches the family (but I’ll use words, of course) And if I start to consider what it would feel like being backed into a corner, feeling threatened to lose what I think will help save the world, my passion gets turned up and the adrenaline goes up my spine. I can feel the senses getting jazzed just writing about it!
    Thanks for the thought provoking post!

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